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We’re celebrating 15 years of CNC Machining in the Austin area. We are a full service machine shop offering CNC milling, drilling, & turning, manual machining, and prototyping services. We’re a family owned and operated business with over 150 years of combined machining experience. Our skilled and knowledgeable machinists have a passion for machining, ensuring the utmost precision and highest quality on every project. We consistently work within tight tolerance specifications to +/- 0.001.

Our capabilities range from CNC milling, drilling & turning to custom prototyping with manual mills and lathes. These capabilities allow us to provide quality materials to the Oil & Gas industry and the pump manufacturing industry as well as a variety of applications across multiple industries in support of Austin’s innovative and thriving marketplace. We never shy away from new or unique challenges.

CNC Machining Services

Liberty is a precision CNC machine shop in Austin, TX with machinery and capabilities that allow us to contract manufacture tight tolerance parts with complex geometries to customer specifications. Our expertise and attention to detail allow us to turn out the highest quality machined components with the utmost precision for every project. The CNC machine center is equipped with a variety of machines that allow for high-volume production runs and to run multiple jobs simultaneously, without affecting lead times. Our capabilities include a combination of CNC and manual milling, turning, and drilling, which enables us to provide the most efficient solution for our customers.


Manual Machining Services

Liberty CNC’s roots are traced back to manual machining services when our founder and owner started manual machining in 1972. While CNC machining can provide a high grade of precision for complex components or parts, it does come at the expense of set up time. Manual machining services are beneficial for both cost saving and time saving on a design that is much less complex in shape and size. At Liberty CNC, we value the use of our manual milling and turning machines in order to manufacture certain parts to your specifications.

Custom Machining Services

Liberty CNC creates a variety of custom commercial parts for OEM manufacturers. Our capabilities range from small single projects to large production runs. It’s our passion to take your conceptual drawings and make them a reality. While we specialize in the Oil & Gas and Industrial Pumping markets, we have extensive experience working with OEMs within a variety of other industries.



Sam at Liberty CNC really knocked this project out of the park. When I couldn’t find spiked lug nuts to fit my rare wheel lug configuration, he was able to take my rough drawing and make them a reality.

Marty Taylor
Taylor Custom Metal

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